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Introducing the Kit Carson Scout patch! This one is a bit ballsy since we mess with the choppers being now a dangerous ride back home and the VC now engaging neutral good AI. Some polishing has to be done and will be done in the next days. Have a go at it and let's see what you think.

  • VC will now engage allied NPCs
  • Rangers inside a chopper that crashes will sustain 1 to 100 damage points.
  • Reduced the spread of the grenades by 50%
  • Increased the amount of C4 carried to 1
  • Using VC weapons has only 5% chance per shot to trigger a QRF
  • New EOD ribbon (yours to discover)
  • New item: EOD Kit
  • New Kill Card: Agent Orange (30% less trees on next mission)
  • Fixed an issue in the career panel where the ribbons were not having the right description
  • New ribbon Dedication Ribbon which unlock the sexy Stoner LMG
  • New weapon Stoner LMG!
  • When a soldier has the Covert Operation Medal and its power is triggered, you hear a little cue now
  • Auto mission fail when using the stealth extract kill card fixed
  • Medevacs are back!!! (Still pretty alpha, but have fun with it)
  • Got rid of the decimals on the career panel for radio proceedures
  • Fixed the NaN on the debug message when you are spotted
  • Fixed the no kill card bug on rescue pilot missions
  • BTRs will spawn now
  • Soldier can now get hit by incoming fire aimed at choppers
  • Reduced the amount of craters to inspect in a DBA mission
  • New Kill Card: Kit Carson Scout!
  • Fix some issues where the pressure switch mine wouldn’t display the proper success rate.
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