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POW rescue is a mission where your team insert in the AO, find the prisoner cages (there can be 1 to 4 cages), free the POWs and extract with them. These are special assingment and daring projects. Mostly because despite of the heat level your AO has, the prisoners are likely to be escorted by a guard detail. Contrary to pilot rescue, POW rescues are not time sensitive. The team can plan out its approach and dispatch the guards who usually hang around camp sites. It is important to note that the POW cages are disposed in a diamond pattern and about 500px from each others. A pow mission can have up to 4 cages so make sure to search the area carefully. POWs can equip weapons from dead VCs and help fight the enemy on your way back to the LZ

  • Take your time. POW rescues are not time sensitive
  • Make sure you have all the POWs before leaving.
  • Expect the cages to be well guarded regardless of your heat level
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