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Recon crew ready to kick ass.

Concept of Ops

Mud and Blood:Recon doesn't play like Mud and Blood 2. It is an entirely different ball game. First difference is that it is not a defence game where you entrench yourself and fight waves of enemies. The second difference is that 'Recon treats squad management and mission planning with more depth than its lil brother. This is why we call Recon, the 'advanced' small squad tactics simulator. But enough talk about the mechanics, here's the deal:

In the late 60s, the American command understood that their conventional warfare approach that granted them success in the European theater and somewhat in the Korean conflict was not working in South East Asia. In order to be effective against an invisible and highly mobile enemy, more effort will have to be directed towards asymmetrical warfare. One of the initiative was to put eyes on the enemy's (Across the border of Laos and Cambodia) backyard in order to determine troops and supply movement. Additionally, sudden strikes and surgical removal of high value target would be key in order to considerably undermine the enemy's confidence in his safe haven.

Your team is part of the 75th Infantry Regiment (Ranger). Your task is to operate in small teams behind the enemy lines and perform a combinations of actions that will, help the brigade pin pointing the enemy in order to destroy it. The key elements of your operations are: covertness, high mobility and if required, violence of action.

Your unit is attached to a task force that conduct operations around the DMZ and sometimes slightly across the borders. The recon teams focused their energies on specific areas of the HCM trail in order to obtain current up to date information on construction, troop movements, supplies, etc. This information was often gained at great risk to the recon teams and transmitted to OP-34 ground studies branch at SOG HQ for inclusion into the daily SITREP reports. Relatively lightly armed the recon teams were not designed to slug it out in a pitched battle with the enemy. Instead they relied on moving without being detected, If in the event they were compromised (detected) then the ability to break contact quickly and evade the enemy was of paramount importance.

While conducting missions, you will also have to monitor the condition of your troops (morale and fatigue) and your reputation as a commander within the chain of command (merit). After 365 days in country if you are judged adequate, you will be offered an additional tour. If not, you career will cease and you can become a civy.

In a nutshell

  • As a commander you will manage your personnel. Send Rangers on course, address administrative issues and if required take disciplinary actions.
  • You will also deal with the inner politics that comes with the burden of command. Often, pleasing the troops will put you in a bad place with your chain of command and vice versa.
  • Your team has one mission assigned per commander rank(you).
  • The commander decides which mission will be completed, select a team for the job and pick equipment and read the intel report.
  • Upon completion of the mission, depending if it is successful or not, it will generate some reactions within the chain of command and your team will be affected as well.
  • The remaining cut off time for your tour on the calendar is decremented.
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