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US Item
Item stats:
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Bulk value (1 bulk = about 1 pound) Quantity. The more the merrier
3 3
Unlockable By:

The M86 Pursuit Deterrant Munition is an unlockable equipment unlocked after completing the proper Recon Operations Ribbon. The weapon is effectively a mine with very large activation area. Once deployed, the mine releases automatically four trip wires which when triggered cause the mine to detonate. Currently its primary uses are as set-and-forget traps (i.e. on tracks and for the hostile QRF) and as an anti-tracking weapon used to delay the enemy forces following the commanders Ranger team.

Real life

The M86 is an anti-personnel mine that was used by special forces during the Vietnam war. Fairly small and oddly shaped (looks likes a slice of cheese), the M86 once tossed on the ground will deploy its own trip wires to up to 4 meters. Any enemies that disrupt the trip wires will detonate the ordinance. This type of AP mine is useful when the team is looking at maximizing the triggering range of its deployed armament while being on the run.

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