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US Item
Item stats:
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Bulk value (1 bulk = about 1 pound) Quantity. The more the merrier
? 1
Unlockable By:

The M72 LAW is a single-shot disposable anti-tank weapon that allows a small team to tackle larger foes. The LAW is capable of bringing down Jeeps, Trucks, various Defenses (Especially helpful when attacking Firebases), BTR's (In the future, as of 1.2d they are invincible), and even clusters of infantry if used right. Though more accurate close up, it can fire over long distances.

Real Life

The M72 LAW was an effective weapons system capable of clearing defenses, enemies, and anything in between. The LAW first showed its qualities in the Battle of Ia Drang Valley, in which the infantry fired the LAW at NVA machine gun positions entrenched near a large termite hill. In a report of the initial stage of the battle, it stated that the LAW should be brought on every operation and patrol due to its flexibility.

The LAW however was designed to be a highly portable, easy-to-use, disposable one-shot anti-tank (AT) weapon. Reloading is not possible and careful use of the LAW was a necessity to avoid wasting such a precious asset, as all munitions are pre-packaged into the series of tubes that make up the M72 LAW. As many of the remaining parts and munitions work well for IED manufacture, units that employ the M72 LAW make a habit of disposing of the tubes after use to avoid enemy capture of the asset.

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