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US Weapon
M1 Carbine
Weapon stats:
(mouseover the icons for explanation)
Maximum damage; the minimum is always 1 Effective firing range, in pixels (for reference, the game viewing area is 550px wide by 450px tall) Firing rate; the higher, the better Magazine size Reload time, in ticks (20 ticks = 1 second); the less, the better
80 100 Semi 15 150
Bulk value (1 bulk = about 1 pound) Jam chance, in %. Once a weapon is jammed, it will need to be un-jammed, taking time. Number of clips coming with the weapon (when these run out, you will need to replenish ammunition at an ammo box) Recoil of the weapon, which affects accuracy of consecutive shots; lower is better Gib explosion radius; area of the blast that blows all organic units caught in it to pieces
5 0.8% 5 4 N/A
Unlockable By:
Starter Weapon
Light, Low Recoil
Low Damage/Range, Small Clip, Slow (semi-auto)
Light Caliber Carbine

For more information about this weapon in Mud and Blood 2, see M1 Carbine.

The M1 Carbine is a light semi-automatic rifle which sports a low bulk and recoil value, at the cost of low damage, range, and free ammunition. It is one of the basic starter weapons, along with the M16 and Model 77E.

As a light semi-auto rifle, it is superseded in nearly every way by the Xm177, provided the player has unlocked it. Other options would be the lightweight M3 or high-powered semi-automatic M14.

This weapon's inclusion despite the M1 Garand's exclusion can be attributed to the presence of the M14 being the M1 Garand's successor. Lacking a carbine option, the M1 Carbine was remained despite not seeing much front line usage.

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