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US Weapon
M14 3.gif
Weapon stats:
(mouseover the icons for explanation)
Maximum damage; the minimum is always 1 Effective firing range, in pixels (for reference, the game viewing area is 550px wide by 450px tall) Firing rate; the higher, the better Magazine size Reload time, in ticks (20 ticks = 1 second); the less, the better
140 200 Semi 20 150
Bulk value (1 bulk = about 1 pound) Jam chance, in %. Once a weapon is jammed, it will need to be un-jammed, taking time. Number of clips coming with the weapon (when these run out, you will need to replenish ammunition at an ammo box) Recoil of the weapon, which affects accuracy of consecutive shots; lower is better Gib explosion radius; area of the blast that blows all organic units caught in it to pieces
9 0.7% 6 5 N/A
Unlockable By:
High Range, Decent Damage, Low jam chance, Good marksman rifle
Slow, Little suppressive fire capability
Semi-auto heavy combat rifle.


The M-14 is a semi-automatic heavy battle rifle that packs a nasty payload and good range, but lacks the suppressive fire capabilities of its automatic counterparts. It is tied with the SVD for the 3rd longest range of any weapon, beaten only by the M60 (210) and M40 (250). When wielded by an experienced Ranger, it can even be effective in close ranges due to its high damage and the Rangers ability to fire at a very high rate. This weapon excels in the hands of marksmen who can engage from a distance, so good spot and combat scores are preferable by users of this weapon.

Real Life

The M14 was the US's answer to the FN-FAL that many of their allies fielded (actual direct competitors for adoption). The M14 had initially been intended to serve as the infantry's new staple platform. The intention had been to not only phase out the M1 Garand and M1 Carbine rifles, but also to reduce reliance on the M3 Grease Gun and M1918A2 BAR. Within its arrival it had failed, failing to be as revolutionary as the M1 Garand had been in supplanting bolt-action rifles during WW2. Nonetheless, the M14 was lighter than the M1 Garand and managed to garner a lot of support before it's replacement by the M16. It's reliable and simple action lead to many soldiers vehemently rejecting the stoppage prone M16. Regardless, troops still complained about its unwieldiness in jungle combat, although the higher caliber was appreciated. The weapon's stats reflect all these factors when compared to the M16.

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