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These are the lowest grade of VC encountered, rarely using tactics or group coordination. Local guerrillas are armed with low grade weapons and are not very experienced in using them. Although dispatching local guerrillas can be appealing, the actual detriment it causes to the enemy is minimal. This, combined with the low chances of them carrying any lootable intel makes them a low priority target unless the security of the team is jeopardized. In game they appear as thin and scrawny, wearing only shorts.

Local VC soldiers ambushed by a Recon force.

Weapons used:

Potentially used weapons, old list, currently un-confirmed

Chances to have grenades: 1% to have 1-3 grenades

Chances to have American weaponry: 1%

Chances to have Support Weapons 0.1% per men deployed

Chances to yield intel 5%

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