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Kill Cards are a way of rewarding excellent action during a mission, whether it be extracting within five hours, not taking even a scratch of damage, or otherwise going above and beyond the call of duty. Kill Cards may include experience bonuses, new weapons and equipment, pre-mission bonuses and even a fifth team member - The Kit Carson Scout. One should strive to achieve as many Kill Cards as possible, as they are an excellent asset in any case.

They are randomly generated for player choice at the end of a mission with Distinguished results. Players must then choose one of four hidden Kill Cards to be revealed and unlocked for them. The reward will be immediately granted after opening the Kill Card.

Using a Kill Card

A Kill Card on a player's desk.

Kill Cards will be used instantly if they feature experience bonuses or weapons and equipment - the bonus or item will be immediately added to your profile. However, "Pre-Mission" killcards feature bonuses that affect your next operation, such as "Over Flight" which offers a 50% chance to reveal any placed items, or "Agent Orange" which removes 50% of all trees in the AO.

All of these killcards must be activated before your mission. This is done by clicking the desired killcard below your operations table next to the Colt Commander on your desk. Scrolling over each Kill Card will reveal its effect. Note: if you exit the Briefing screen or quit the game after enabling a kill card, the effect will not be present in your next mission and the card will be lost.

Earning Kill Cards


To earn a killcard, players must satisfy a mission requisite in order to classify their patrol as "distinguished" - generally, this requisite is directly related to the type of mission. For missions where the objective is to kill enemies, you will likely need to take no damage; for stealth missions, you will need to remain undetected, and so on. These distinguished missions directly affect the "Total Dist." stat in your profile, which can be equated to the amount of killcards earned, due to all distinguished patrols awarding a killcard.

List of Pre-Mission Kill Cards

Killcard Name Killcard Effect
Counter Intelligence -10% to Heat score. Kc11.PNG
Over Flight Placed objects have 50% reveal chance. Kc12.PNG
No-Fail Extract Immediate huey evacuation upon request. Kc14.PNG
Cobra Cover Cobra overwatch upon insertion. Kc15.PNG
Good Chow +10 to HP of all soldiers, maximum 100. Kc16.PNG
Clean Slate Remove one ragequit from profile. Kc18.PNG
Stealth Insert Start below the AO and walk in. Kc21.PNG
Stealth Extract Leave on-foot rather than by Huey. Kc22.PNG
BBQ +15 Morale to all troops. Kc25.PNG
Detailed Paperwork +10 to Merit score. Kc26.PNG
Violence of Action Double EXP and Intel, heat penalty. Kc32.PNG
Clandestine Ops No heat increase after mission. Kc33.PNG
Night Ops Insert into the AO at night. Kc34.PNG
Going Heavy Double ammo and a bulk increase. Kc35.PNG
Agent Orange 50% less trees in next AO. Kc43.PNG
Kit Carson Scout Awards a Kit Carson Scout ally. Kc44.PNG
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