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These is the chopper responsible for the personal safety of your squad as they are inserted and extracted into and out of the AO.

The Huey also serves the Medevac role, getting wounded out as fast as possible.

The Huey is a fragile vehicle, that can be taken down by enemy fire. This happens when it gets "Critically Damaged" twice. The Rangers inside suffer anywhere from 1 - 100 points of damage. As of 1.2d, enemy fire directed at the Helicopter can hit Rangers on the ground. The Huey also has two side mounted M60 Machine Guns that provide suppressing fire as they take off, land, and fly away.

Real Life

The "Huey" was and still is an extremely effective and versatile helicopter. It used for transportation, medevac, and even strike missions. In Vietnam, the Huey was much more fragile, the Pilots and passengers were always at risk from enemy small arms fire.

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