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A good halt position has: all around concealment, an alternate escape route, and a kill zone where all your men can funnel the enemies

1. Short Halts - Short halts (0-1 hour in recon time) should be done standing (and are for listening only) to minimize tracks. The objective here is to stop at irregular intervals during movement and listen at full alert. You stand a good chance of detecting the enemy before he hears you. Do not lean against trees or take a knee, this will cause unnecessary sign to be left and a loss of general awareness.

2. Long Halts and Positions that Remain Occupied for longer periods - Long halts include any halts longer than 2 hours or the periodically sit down halt. Always loop or dog leg into these halts if it is to be occupied in daylight or during long periods. For long halts made during night movements that are only short duration it is often unnecessary to loop before occupation. Make sure you can observe or hear anyone approaching on your route into the halt. It may be necessary to make larger loops and post sentries before stopping for longer halts. Insure yourself a loop of sufficient size and time that you can withdraw if you observe the enemy tracking you. Be sure to loop uphill sentries when possible. One man, normally the last in the order of movement should have the responsibility of erasing tracks and making a litter check prior to departure from the halt.

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