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Recon crew casually awaits for extraction

To end a patrol successfully in Mud and Blood: Recon, you must call an extraction and send all your men onto the chopper when it arrives. Currently, the methods of extraction are through 1 chopper which may be called at any time and will land at the designated landing zone (LZ), either primary, secondary or impromptu. To access this extraction, set your radio to the 'Hueys' channel and choose the preferred extract option if available. You will then hear a response, which will either give you an ETA for the chopper's arrival in the AO (not the LZ) or give a reason why it can't arrive yet. If the latter happens, you must wait a few minutes before requesting another extraction, or HQ will start filtering out your requests and denying them. When the chopper eventually arrives, you will hear it coming and should group your men around the LZ; after it touches down, presuming the LZ is large enough for the chopper, you can send your men in. The chopper does not remain on the ground waiting for all your men to enter, and you will receive radio warnings with the remaining time before the chopper heads back to base. Any rangers left on the ground after the chopper leaves will be considered MIA, and there are no 'second chances' for extractions.

It is important to remember that after the landing zone update, the mission goes overt on the moment the chopper enters the AO, rendering stealthy extractions far more difficult. It is important to make proper preparations when planning to extract in order to either remain unseen, or unharmed at the least.

In some specific missions, you might need to extract thru a specific spot at the top of the AO. Said spot is not marked on the minimap, but is visible like any terrain feature. To evac, simply move a Ranger inside it. If after 30 seconds not everyone has exited the AO, any units behind will be considered MIA.

Extraction Under Fire

An extraction under pressure, that is, engaged by a closely pursuing enemy force, was among the most dangerous action LRRPs encountered. All manner of techniques were used to break contact with a pursuing enemy force: minimizing tracks, laying deceptive trails, ambushing the back-trail, deploying trip-wired grenades and Claymores, tear gas and smoke grenades, calling artillery fire on the back-trail, wading down streams, and crossing rocky ground. A combination of these techniques were used, with the goal of giving the enemy an excuse to quit the pursuit. The team being pursued had much more to lose and could use extraordinary measures to outrun the enemy. Attack helicopters were invaluable in suppressing pursuers. Their 7.62mm machine gun and 40mm grenade launcher fire could be brought in extremely close. It was a different matter with their less-accurate 2.75in rockets. Essential to a successful extraction under pressure was for the team to be able to accurately mark its position, so that gunships and extraction choppers could locate them and have a reference point from which to engage the unseen enemy.

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