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In November 1968, NVA command dispatched a special Counter LRRP unit to patrol the area. This special unit was formed as a direct response to LRRP incursions into Laos and Cambodia. Members of the Counter LRRP unit come from the disbanded 304th Airborne Brigade of NVA. They were highly motivated individuals skilled in martial arts and trained by Soviet Special Forces in tactics and weapons. The counter-recon unit’s sole reason for existence is to hunt down SOG and LRRP teams.

Counter LRRPs are challenging enemies that can quickly eliminate an inexperienced squad. They fire accurately and can quickly gun down a ranger who is not aware of their presence. The only noise they make is their footsteps when they move, and they do not talk to themselves or other VC, regardless of the covert level of the mission. They are heavily resistant to explosives, known to take direct hits with grenades and rockets and continue fighting. The best thing a squad can carry if they know they will encounter them is White Phosphorus, as it is an instant kill no matter what. If none is available, make use of ample support and call in something to deal with them. A commander should never engage them unless they know for a fact that they can take them down without trouble. They are dressed in a darker shade of NVA uniforms.

The dreaded counter force, note the silenced MAT-49 and the amount of frags.
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