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US Item
Cleaning Kit
Item stats:
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Bulk value (1 bulk = about 1 pound) Quantity. The more the merrier
2 1
Unlockable By:

The cleaning kit keeps a Ranger's weapon in peak condition, reducing weapon jams by 25%. It can be very useful to maximize the fire rate for weapons that either have a high rate of fire or a high chance to jam, or both. Due to its minimal bulk capacity, it is an excellent option for Rangers with a free equipment slot as it is extremely lightweight but offers a significant bonus to assault capability.

Real Life

U.S. infantrymen in Vietnam were given standard-issue collapsible, lightweight cleaning kits that could fit into the trapdoor of the stock of their M16A2 rifles, due to the higher than average jam chance and maintenance requirement of the rifles, particularly in Vietnam's rainy, muddy conditions. These kits typically consisted of a number of brushes and picks to remove hardened grit and dirt, as well as an oil or other cleaning solvent.

The need for periodic weapon maintenance on the M16A2, combined with the commonality of jams and malfunctions in the M16A2 when compared to the incredibly reliable AK47 that was commonplace with NVA forces, is considered one of the main causes of the U.S. failure in the Vietnam war.

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