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The camera is an item that can be used by any squad members at any time. Once activated the player may put the crosshairs over one or more enemy assets including soldiers, vehicles, and constructions. When the picture is ready to be taken, the player clicks to take the photograph; there is currently no way to cancel taking a picture once the crosshairs are shown. Initially, the camera will show a blurry crosshairs, and taking a picture will yield no bonuses since it is out of focus. You must wait an amount of time for them to clarify and focus, at which point you may take a photograph to yield full bonuses. The wait time can be lowered if the soldier taking the picture has a high spot skill or is equipped with the QAL and must have LoS with the intended target of the photograph. If the image refuses to focus after holding the crosshairs still for a while, shake the cursor around a bit and try again.

A valid picture grants an experience and intel bonus of 10% per asset or VC unit in the picture. Therefore a picture that clearly shows 3 enemy assets will give a 30% bonus to intel and exp. This bonus does not stack, and is calculated from the single highest number of assets shown in a picture per patrol. If you took 5 pictures during a patrol - 3 with 1 asset each, 1 with 2 assets, and 1 with 4 assets - the bonus to intel and exp will be 40%, from the 4 asset picture alone.

  • Quantity: 10 shots
  • Bulk: 1
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