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Diagram of a box tactic.

This is a simple and effective method to use during overt and covert recon and it takes very little practice to employ. The team makes a series of 90-degree turns forming a box. At this point you may do any one of several things. You may wait in ambush for; walk backwards across your old trail, if the vegetation and soil is such that it is impossible to hide your tracks; or you may continue on. When you move out, after having formed the first box, move again and form another box. By forming these boxes, the team can ambush the pursuers and will definitely confuse any trackers as to your direction of march. It will also discourage the enemy if you occasionally booby-trap your back trail once overt recon becomes necessary. You can maintain a general compass heading without the enemy becoming aware of your route. Do not continually make the boxes the same size or continually turn to the right or left. Never set a definite pattern of movement.

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