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VC Unit
Explosive rounds; troop carrier.
Heavy APC troop transport, extremely lethal.

The BTR is a Soviet Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) that the NVA utilizes to bring heavy firepower and troops against the Rangers. The BTR can quickly deploy a small group of NVA, also coming equipped with a KPVT machine gun that fires 14.5 MM high explosive rounds. It is impervious to small arms fire and currently all other forms of fire due to a bug, but anti-tank weapons such as the M72 LAW and direct or near hits from explosive support will be able to eliminate it once patched.

Real Life

The BTR-60PA was a Soviet APC from 1963, developed from the 1950 BTR-60 model. The 60PA had an armored roof over the troop compartment and was fitted with improved 'closed-down' vision devices for the crew. Behind the commander's and driver's hatches was a single rear-opening rectangular hatch in front of which is a single mount for a DshK 12.7 MM heavy machine gun between the two circular crew hatches at the front of the personnel compartment and two optional mounts for 7.62 MM machine guns on each side of the roof of the personnel compartment. In addition, it carried the top-mounted 14.5 MM explosive KPVT heavy machine gun.

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