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An "attack" mission consist in performing an assault to take a fortified position built by the enemy, similar in appearance to friendly firebase. The mission is extremely dangerous and requires a team well-suited for combat tasks. Enemy presence is heavy and the local defenses are not to be taken lightly. Utilizing fire support is essential when assaulting against the numerically superior enemy. The goal of the mission is to destroy all enemies from the firebase area and immediate surroundings before extracting.

The mission is highly challenging but can be great proving ground for experienced commanders willing to test themselves against the enemy. Drawback is that the mission massively increases heat and can prove fatal to un-prepared or unlucky Rangers. Valid tactics involve slow and tactical approach allowing commander to plan out the attack and set up fire support before moving in. Heavy weapons and grenades are suggested while proper use of support may save otherwise doomed mission. Managing the radio, ammo, lines of sight, kill zones and need for medical assistance are essential. Once the Rangers have gained a foothold in the firebase area, defensive counter-measures are necessary to hold against the enemy QRF attack depending how quickly the VC defences have been destroyed. Once the area is secure, gathering intel from killed enemies and checking the base command table, if still intact, can provide great intel gains before extracting.

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