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Artillery is a fire support option available to LRRP units. Though capable of devastating enemy units, it's initial accuracy can be improved by reporting an increase in the last reported percentage of the AO covered to the respective firebase. Covering the AO and updating the coordinates through the radio are important to increase the first round's accuracy without the need to call in for adjustment multiple times. It is suggested to maintain a safe distance from the target to prevent friendly fire from a danger close fire mission.

Artillery is a powerful asset and requires a certain amount of skill to coordinate properly.

When using the radio, the options are as follows:

  • Relay Coordinates: This sends information about the AO to the firebase allowing increased accuracy when firing. The increase is directly related to the percentage of AO covered.
  • Call for Fire: Artillery fires a single round towards the current target allowing precise adjustments to be made.
  • Adjust 10 meters to direction X: This moves the fire towards the designated direction in case the original fire missed the intended target with the options of North, South, East, or West available.
  • Fire for Effect: Clears the artillery to commence a barrage at the designated target location.
  • Air Burst rounds: Change the actual ammunition to air burst rounds, which have a high fragmentation range but lower damage.
  • Smoke rounds: Change the actual ammunition to smoke rounds, smoke rounds don't cause damage directly and creates a smoke screen useful for evasive maneuvers such as retreating. Smoke rounds will not cause overt status nor do significant damage making it useful to adjust rounds onto unsuspecting enemy or when fire must be guided in close proximity to the Ranger team. This rounds will not mark a secondary LZ or direct a Cobra.
  • HE rounds: Change the actual ammunition to HE rounds, with a powerful blast effect. This is the standard ammunition type used.

Primary use for artillery is destroying VC assets and dealing with large concentrations of infantry.

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