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AH-1 Cobra

Top view of the Cobra helicopter sprite used in the game.


The cobra in Recon is tasked to provide close ground support to Rangers and more than often topple the balance of momentum back in the favor of the outnumbered and outgunned team of 4. Whenever the team comes under contact with a larger force of enemies and requires a little more breathing space the cobra is definately a quick and fairly lethal tool that the team can use.

In RECON the cobras are armed with a XM195 20mm canon and 2 M158 70mm rocket pods. In future versions Cobras will equipped to the taste of the players.

They can be called on the radio under the gunship channel for immediate support granted that they are currently vectored for you AO. After being called in, the player has to use smoke to direct the Cobra to the intended target. If no smoke is used, the Cobra will engage any enemies it spots in its route (that goes from grid suare A5 to E1. The chopper will not be around forever and will leave if it does not spot any ground targets.

Real Life

First deployed in Vietnam in 1967 and loaded with a formidable arsenal of weaponry, the Cobra was the first helicopter designed from inception as an attack aircraft. It dramatically changed the nature of the war in Vietnam by offering the Army, for the first time, its own powerful and highly accurate weapons platform for close-air-support missions

Cobra (or snakes) are packing a lot of firepower making them the perfect support element for Recon squads.
Effects of a 70mm rocket in a VC group.
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