Recon:40mm HE Grenade

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US Item
40mm HE Grenade
Item stats:
(mouseover the icons for explanation)
Bulk value (1 bulk = about 1 pound) Quantity. The more the merrier
5 8
Unlockable By:

The 40mm HE Grenade is a special grenade which is used as ammunition for both the m16 m203 and m79 grenade launcher. As such, the 40mm HE Grenade cannot be used without a grenade launcher. A grenade launcher allows you to propel the grenade at consideribly longer ranges than tossing a normal Mk 2 grenade.

The 40mm HE Grenade item also has 2 more uses and 1 less bulk than the Mk 2 grenade. (however the bulk of the grenade launcher can make the 40mm HE Grenade the heavier option)

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