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US Item
40mm HE Grenade
Item stats:
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Bulk value (1 bulk = about 1 pound) Quantity. The more the merrier
5 8
Unlockable By:

The 40mm HE Grenade is a special grenade item which is used as ammunition for both the M16's M203 Underbarrel Launcher and M79 portable grenade launcher. As such, the 40mm HE Grenade cannot be used without a grenade launcher and is not unlocked until one of these weapons is acquired. A grenade launcher allows you to propel the grenade at considerably longer ranges than tossing a normal Mk 2 grenade, and also gives you two extra uses over the standard Mk 2. However, these grenades are far less accurate than the Mk 2 grenade. They are ideal for engaging the enemy from a distance (when direct contact is undesirable) as well as destroying or suppressing groups of enemies.

The 40mm HE Grenade item also has one less bulk than the Mk 2 grenade. However, on light kits, the selection of a M79 or M16 w/ M203 may make the 40mm HE grenades the heavier option due to the weight of the launcher attached to the munition.

Real Life

40mm HE is used widely by military forces even into present day in one of two calibers - 40x46mm, used in handheld and underbarrel launchers, or 40x53mm, used in mounted or crew-served weapons. The M79 and M203 of Recon use the less powerful 40x46mm HE (High Explosive) round for better effect on infantry and other soft targets. 40mm grenades, however, also come in various other forms, such as CS gas, flare, smoke, airburst or buckshot.

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