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US Item
12 Ft. Mast
Item stats:
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Bulk value (1 bulk = about 1 pound) Quantity. The more the merrier
6 1
Unlockable By:

When placed on the ground, the 12 Feet Mast in a nearby radius increases the chances of receiving and transmitting on the PRC-77 Radio. These masts are quickly set up but are unable to be taken down, meaning they should be set up at an established radio communications point such as a RTX hot-spot, defensive position or LZ. As of 1.2d, the placement of a mast does not alert any enemies to your position despite its obvious height and likelihood to be seen at a distance.

Real Life

U.S. signalers in Vietnam were occasionally given portable radio mast bags in inclement weather conditions where communication signals were known to be bad. These kits, generally made up of a large number of steel rods, a type of transmitting dish and various wiring, could be set up and taken down in less than five minutes but were very unstable in high winds due to their height and the flimsy materials used to make up their support legs.

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