Proper Planning

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Proper Planning
Xx deploy properplanning.gif
Rank Required:
Lets you use unused TP from your last game
"Proper planning. Last deployment's unused tactical points will be added to you starting total. (max 20) In the present case we're talking about X points. Must be Col. to use this option."
— Official game quote


Proper planning is a game mode favored by many due to its ability to get a very high TP start without having to endure the fears of Last Stand. Proper Planning is unlocked when you become a Colonel and allows you to use all your unused TP from your last round (max 20), in addition to the standard deploy. Therefore, it is usually a step up from Close Protection, giving up to 32 TP instead of 12. (up to 20 starting TP + four more soldiers worth 3 tp each)

What Is It Like?

Like a normal deploy, just with tons o' bonus TP, which can be used to augment your forces. Most experienced players prefer this over Close Protection, if they have a lot of TP saved up. If you already have passed your 100th GAME (not waves!), you can just go to Close Protection, save up 20 TP's, and go to this, making it arguably the best deployment option post-game 100.

If you've unlocked Last Stand, go there, surrender, and you'll get 20 tactical points for proper planning without having to survive a wave.


Once you have 20 TP from your last game, go to this mode. Open up, retreat your regulars and buy stuff like you would handle a close protection start. If you've got the Meritorious Unit Commendation, you might want to just keep your regulars as their M1 Garands are usually sufficient,(if they have the ribbon).

Its strategies are practically synonymous with the Close Protection strategies, after that beginning, so no real need to add pictures here.

Some users use close protection, quit immediately and start in proper planning for a free 12tps, though that's not recommended before game 100.

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