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German soldier being pinned
Applied when:When a soldier is shot at, and decides that keeping his life is more important than returning fire.
EffectsThe soldier dives to the ground, and will not move, fire, or perform any action of importance.
DescriptionPinning is the direct result of inaccurate fire on a soldier. Pinning an enemy is the action of rendering the enemy unable to fight because he is preoccupied with self-preservation. A pinned enemy will usually lie flat on the ground trying to offer the smallest target possible to his assailant, and will remain so until re-motivated or convinced it is safe to progress/fight more. Although pinning is seen as worthless and terrible to impatient commanders, it is still a way for a soldier under fire to do whatever possible to survive, even if it is ineffective.

Your soldiers will act the same way while under fire. Units with lower morale will be pinned more easily and for a longer period of time. A soldier with over 100 morale is nearly impossible to pin, and if pinned, will get back up right away.

Sarge can unpin friendly soldiers, and is the only unit that can do so.

Note: Vehicles and equipment cannot be pinned.

A list of What your soldiers will say when they get pinned

  • "Our position is under heavy fire!"
  • "We're screwed here sarge! We can't move!"
  • "Can't see s--t from here!"
  • "Stay down if you wanna live!"
  • "Stay the f--k down!"
  • "We are totally goddamn pinned!"
  • "Hold cover!"
  • "We are under heavy fire, we got to fallback!"
  • "Watch out for flankers, we are pinned down!"
  • "WE'RE PINNED!!!"
They may also just scream.
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