Patch 2.3.1g

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Patch 2.3.1g
Bug Fixes
Christmas 2011 / DEC 28 2011
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This is yet another patch released to address bugs in version 2.3+

Fixes include:

  • Airborne troops rally in the center now, so if they spawn out of the screen they will make their way to the middle .
  • No bleeding from Goliath and 222s
  • Sherman gunner properly sized
  • Sound stopping on vehicles now- if the loop get stuck it will stop after a while, when the game detects there is a loop
  • Sherman gun skill increases normally
  • No extra units from crates in Airborne mode
  • A few new tips
  • Airborne spawns don't produce false kills any more
  • Sticky bombs will not explode when game is paused
  • AT guns shall receive experience accordingly
  • Some surprises(!)
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