Patch 2.3

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Patch 2.3
Tigers are more lethal than ever!
Christmas 2011 / DEC 26 2011
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Size comparison between old and new Sherman Tank graphics
Std unit allied sherman idle.gif Std unit allied sherman idle.png


Changes to Allied Units

  • Invincible Bunker is now impossible to build
  • Bazookas are no longer capable of firing under cam nets. Their AP capability is reduced and they now produce a back blast. This can be harmful to enemy and friendly infantry soldiers causing 1 to 4 points of damage and pinning the unit.
  • AT Mine introduced, with an explosion comparable to naval arty. Costs 1 TP, triggered by vehicles and flaming units.
  • Normal mine has AT capabilities greatly reduced but AP increased.
  • Sherman is getting modular. A fifty gunner is now purchasable and will follow the rifle score of Sherman.
  • Sherman rifle increases after each promotion.
  • Sherman graphics sized up (see on the right).
  • Sherman coaxial MG RoF reduced from 30 to 10.
  • Airborne troops being polyvalent, are able to apply first aid. A kit must be bought and an Airborne soldiers will be be able to heal up to 25 hit points before requiring another first aid kit. Kits can be purchased from the weapon upgrade menu. Airborne medics will follow the medal rules for the squad exp bonus but will not gain exp from healing like real medics.
  • Meritorious Unit Commendation ribbon will not affect the airbornes anymore unless they spawn with a Springfield, in which case it will be replaced by an M1 Garand.
  • Airborne troops can build Improvised Sandbag Walls now for the cost of 3 TP.
  • Airborne troops can use Sticky Bombs for 2 TP.
  • Airborne challenge coded, last up to wave 100 with only airborne troops (behind enemy lines, so spawn table is harder than standard), you got one try per promotion after first LT. Reward: Airborne Badge, get 6 airborne troops instead of 4 on airborne drops. Quite substantial but really hard to get. Subsequent airborne drop during airborne challenges cost 20 tp.
  • Gunner recoil increased by 33%.
  • Last Stand mode now displays a skull instead of the yellow TP star.

Changes to Axis Units

  • Tiger tank has the armor upgrade and will not be directly destroyed by Zooks anymore. It will sustain 5x frag damage regardless of where it is hit. Technically it should require 6 zooks rounds to bring down a Tiger.

New Units/Blitz waves

Miscellaneous updates

  • Ponds will now extinguish burning soldiers—they will die, of course, but won't cause additional trouble to your defenses.
  • Burning soldiers stop/blow up on Anti-Personnel and Anti-Tank mines now. It's tested, it's confirmed and it's final.
  • Fixed the erroneous mortar key shortcut (5-e).
  • 'Tabbing' (pressing the tab key to select objects on screen) is now disallowed and fixes a few exploits.
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