Patch 2.2.7c

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Patch 2.2.7c
There'll be none of this in 2.2.7c...
May 21st 2011
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This was an exploit-fix patch, to try and take out the worst exploits which remained. This complemented patch 2.2.7b, which fixed many bugs in the game.


  • Sarge will no longer be able to train multiple officers simultaneously (the 'Sarge farm'). Now, he can only train one officer at once.
  • The 81 mm Mortar Halftrack can no longer fire from under a camnet.
  • The mortar will no longer ignore that it is under a camnet when being ordered to concentrate fire (it won't fire).
  • Bazooka rockets will no longer fly when the game is paused, so you can't just pause the game and wait for it to connect with the offending vehicle any more.
  • The free heroism gained from the Halloween ribbon is no longer convertible to 4 TP (by canceling it before use, which would previously give you the usual 4 TP for canceling a heroism).
  • The game now counts as a game on your profile as soon as it begins, as opposed to after the 'Good Luck' message appears. This prevents people having a map re-shuffle at no cost at the beginning of the game.
  • The Guerrilla Warfare Ribbon is no longer obtainable if you deploy vehicles and structures (some people were reporting that it had been).

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