Patch 2.2.7b

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Patch 2.2.7b
The land mattress is now effective again!
April 24th 2011
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This is quite a minor update to Mud and Blood, but fixes a number of the worst bugs.

  • Wespes and other vehicles will now enter the map fully before engaging your line. (May not work)
  • German jeep will begin decaying faster
  • Paks won't kill themselves any more
  • AT cannons are usable again!
  • Disabled medics will now heal again if they hit 10 hp.
  • The signaller will now flee properly if not in the middle of a call.
  • Volkssturm will not enter CQC when fleeing
  • Land mattress frag radius doubled to 200 px!
  • Volkssturm engaged in hand to hand will flee properly and will not freeze.
  • Empty vehicles left behind when advancing will no longer count as enemies.
  • Empty enemy vehicles will no longer grab crates
  • Deploy option will now reset after reseting player profile.
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