Patch 2.2.5a

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Patch 2.2.5a
The Wespe
June 14th, 2010
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A major update to MnB2, released in conjunction with the creation of

  • Pillbox- a lump of solid concrete. This structure is immune to all explosives and to being destroyed, but units inside it cannot see out, and it blocks line of sight. Costs 5 TP.
  • Land mattress- this is a 16 barrelled rocket launcher, which is the equivalent of an arty strike on the top of the battlefield. The downside to this is that it costs 20 TP and can be destroyed.
  • Combat leadership will give your troops 1 xp for 1 TP. Good for an emergency stats boost if your units are on the verge of being promoted ( 9 xp, 19 xp etc. for most soldiers).
  • Enemy unit – the dreaded Wespe. This is a mobile artillery piece which will create an endless arty strike on your units. Take out ASAP.
  • Morale Fix – veteran soldiers will be less affected by the gruesome realities of war. Recruits, on the other hand, are still shaky.
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