Patch 2.2.4

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Patch 2.2.4
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May 29th, 2010
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After his first long leave of absence from the MnB community, urb returned:

"Good day folks. It is with pleasure that I come back home after a worldwide tour of nearly 8 months. It is very rewarding to see that MNB, LW and Recon communities are still going strong and that you folks are still looking for more content for these outrageously deviant contraptions.

And there will be content. While being away I brought my trusty lap top and punched code when time was permissive. Give me some time to wrap up what I have crafted in my exodus; and you shall soon see the rabid wolves of brutality being unleashed into the peaceful village of casual gaming.

Finally, I wish to thank the moderators, regs and new members and the 13 million peeps who played mud and blood since its release for their fabulous support and quality input."

— May 14th, 2010 news post by urb

And soon after, the 2.2.4 series was started with a lot of balance changes:

  • German Scouts can call support on your units
  • Zook rounds have less chances to detonate on friendlies; same for German's schrek
  • Armor plate added to .50
  • .50 now cost 6tp
  • M3 AT now cost 8 tp
  • AAA anti personnel blast radius increased
  • Close Air Support blast radius increased
  • SS and Panzerschrek soldiers will advance on your position
  • Zookas are going straight for armor now, no questions asked
  • Mechanics fix
  • Counter-Arty fix
  • Tank love and new anti-armor AI
  • Flaming dudes pause exploit fixed, and they will explode on mines now
  • Zooks will get xp for tank kills now
  • Scouts now allow mortars to fire at enemies even if they don't have line of sight
  • Enemy panzer will advance on the screen when spawning; this will prevent them to get immune to zooks on some rare occasions
  • Airborne troops immune to morale effects now
  • Mechanic repairing speed increased
  • Visual props when mechanics fix vehicles
  • Germans drop shells when firing
  • M3 fire rate increased
  • NEW Mortar pit
  • .50 cannot be placed outside game boundaries anymore
  • Same for AAA
  • NEW Tactical withdraw, order a soldier to leave the battlefield and have 25% chance to get your TPs back
  • Shortcut key for crewman is now 'a'
  • Crewman cost reduced to 3
  • Crates will spawn more infantry types
  • NEW crate type: Armor plates.. all your vehicles gain +100 hp
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