Patch 2.2.3r

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Patch 2.2.3r
Brandenburg infiltrator.gif
September 30th, 2009
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The 2.2.3 series in general introduced a mound of features and had its own promo video:

<youtube v="XMQK8cyLqZE" />

These are its features:

  • Player MG unit will switch target more often and experience will affect that particularity as well
  • NEW Field HQ (vulnerable TP producing construction)
  • NEW Booby traps (mine and TNT tweak)
  • NEW Sabotage (Send your frenchies behind the enemy line)
  • NEW Mechanics (Repair your damaged trucks)
  • NEW Counter Arty
  • Pak38 is not just a silent beauty anymore.
  • Spec icons facelift for officers, frenchies, sigs and mortar
  • NEW All around defense order
  • Morale now affecting your troops (no more meatshields)
  • NEW Morale boost order
  • Hand to hand speed improved
  • NEW Rifle grenades
  • SS changed uniforms
  • NEW BrandenBurg infiltrators
  • Some sound changes
  • NEW 6 ribbons
  • NEW 50 cal stationary unit
  • New props when frenchies are dying :)

So, apart from all the new stuff, a couple of very important changes stand out in terms of how they would forever make life more difficult for the player: soldiers could flee from the battlefield, and the dreaded pak38's, who used to be too slow to fire at all, became, well, dreaded.

Version r was the last and most stable of the series, having itself immortalized into download form (which lacked any frame around it; you can close it by pressing ESC).

The now familiar black and white image of the soldiers seen in the official forums was also first used in this patch.

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