Patch 2.2.2e

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Patch 2.2.2e
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April 2nd, 2009
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CQC was first introduced in this patch with a news post and a video:

<youtube v=Gh6rzGLwF1I />
"Your eyes are not betraying you. And no, I'm no AFJ'ing you humble citizens... This really looks like dirty eye for an eye, hand to hand combat to me.

So what was once planned as a small patch is now turning into something awefully scary. Thanks to the couple of days off that I got, I decided to start punching code for the close combat aspect of the game. So far so good, it is very funny to watch those lil' soldiers clubbing each other to death. No more "all you can eat" drive thru bunkers. I might just increase the version up to E with the new stuff, polish it (with your help, folks) and Kong it when ready. Stick around."

— April 2nd, 2009 news post by urb
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