Patch 2.2.2c

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Patch 2.2.2c
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March 13th, 2009
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This is a rather popular patch, because it is an intermediate version (meaning not too old or too recent) that was released for download, and therefore remains playable today.

The 2.2.2 series had its development started since the beginning of 2009 and took MnB to a new phase of content expansion, kicking off with these features:

  • NEW UI with shortcuts for all actions
  • NEW Mute button!!
  • NEW Revert to springfield button
  • NEW Remove grenades button
  • NEW German units (Tiger I, Flak Panzer, Opel Blitz, Pak 38, V1 Rocket)
  • NEW U.S. Troops (M3 AT gun and Crew member replacements for jeep, 20mm and M3)
  • NEW building: cam net, which hides soldiers to avoid arty strikes and air raids; be advised that nets are very fragile
  • NEW ribbon :)
  • Cleaning function now runs at every 10 waves
  • A few rebalances and bug fixes

It has many notable differences in gameplay balance when compared to other versions, some of which are:

  • Bazookas were very strong against infantry, but tended to miss vehicles more.
  • This was the last version where CQC hadn't been implemented yet.
  • Gameplay speed was noticeably increased in relation to previous versions.
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