Patch 2.2.1o

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Patch 2.2.1o
late December, 2008
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The crowning patch of the 2.2.1 series that had begun development on November 11th and noticeably added new visible wave and kill counters along with version display. These improvements possibilitated for the patch to receive a set of Kongregate badges on December 3rd, which in turn brought an influx of popularity to the game and many new players to the community.

From the release text:

"Good day folks, I'm very proud to announce that Mud and Blood has 3 million views in 120 days and is hosted on 482 portals. (source MochiBot)

This wouldn't be possible without the quality of this community – thanks a lot, folks.

This said, a small patch was uploaded earlier. I'm testing it with our folks right now and the end result will make its way to Kongregate later this week. Here's what we've got:

  • Sig speed reduced a lil
  • Spec ops speed boosted
  • 3 new units, German and allied mortars and the German bike
  • 1 new command: cease fire
  • Jeep cost reduced from 10 to 6 TPs
  • Ghost ribbons fixed
  • Veterancy ribbon added
  • Profile progress bar for XPs
  • Tank is not firing if bunkered anymore
  • Sound loop for enemy flanking tanks fixed
  • Walking dead flamer fixed
  • Bombs/explosions won't kill advanced units anymore
  • Wave+kill counter added for Kongregate folks
  • A few minor glitches fixed
  • Enemy commander aggressiveness cranked and then nerfed a lil :)

Enjoy and thanks for your support folks."

— December 14, 2008 news post by urb

This later became the 2.2.1o Xmas patch, downloadable here and featuring permanent snow and Santa's first visit to the familiar old battlefield near Mortain.

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