Patch 2.1.6

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Patch 2.1.6
Std structure sandbags.gif
September 16th, 2008
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Another patch with new content, rebalancing and fixes:

  • Press shift to hide the action panels :)
  • Trench/bunker warp bug is gone; for good hopefully
  • Concentrate fire description corrected
  • Ops panel typo corrected
  • Flamer and zooka soldier weapon icons added
  • NEW Surrender action will bring you to the score panel and add your score to the promotion points
  • Medic xp bonus generated by the gallantry ribbon fixed
  • Tanks and zooka soldiers will be targeting other tanks first
  • Snipers, both allied and enemy, will now spawn hidden
  • NEW building available: sandbags; same as trenches, but destructible and cheaper
  • No more plastic trees!! (flamers will not burn entire forests anymore)
  • Hit detection was revised for flamers
  • Taunt will not give any TPs if you are playing in Last Stand mode
  • Taunt will generate less enemies
  • Barbed Wires are now destructible
  • NEW 5 ribbons added
  • Chances of catching fire from trees reduced
  • Snipers from both camps will prioritize targets way more often now
  • Experienced Germans will fire at troops behind the tanks if they can see them
  • Ricochet sound when a tank gets hit by small arms fire
  • Officer farming fixed
  • Jeep tweaked (speed and fire rate)
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