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Allied Unit
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No specialty icon
SpecIco Infantry.png
Starting equipment:
Random weapons (Springfield replaced with M1 Garand with the ribbon).
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
100 25-60 0 20-50 10px/s
Elite aerial infantry, well trained and highly efficient.

Calling Paratroopers to drop requires just a signaler. For 12 TP, you get 4 soldiers (3 TP each), equipped randomly with different weapons and grenades, dropping down all over the map. If you are lucky, and they do not get snagged in any trees, they will land safely and you can command them to your defensive line. As of Patch 2.3 all paratroopers will walk to the middle of the screen upon landing.

A paratrooper's rifle skill is generally higher than that of regular soldiers, and they have slightly higher morale. Overall, a decent troop, and a bargain for only 3 TP/paratrooper compared to the average GIs costing 3 TP, but with lower morale, no chance for anything other than a Springfield (without medals), and lower rifle skill, it is clear which option is the better choice for your TP. If successfully retreated, the Paratrooper will be worth 3 TP.

Sidenote: the random weapons that your paratrooper will be equipped with are these: M1 Garand, Tommy Gun, Shotgun and Springfield but no BAR. These are no longer replaced by a M1 Garand when you have the Meritorious Unit Commendation ribbon except when the random weapon is a Springfield.

And as of Patch 2.3 if you complete the Airborne Challenge mode and receive the medal, you will get 6 paratroops per drop instead of 4. So combine this with the Victoria Cross and you get 6 FREE paratroopers worth 18 TP every game.


As of Patch 2.3, paratroops have 3 added special abilities increasing their polyvalence and making them well rounded units. These three additions are:

Real Life

At the start of World War II, the Airborne Infantry was a new, select group of GIs. They were dropped behind enemy lines to complete encirclement, or the surrounding of enemy troops, in order to cut them off from supplies and all other forms of support. One of the most notable uses was during the D-day assaults, when select units from 101st airborne were dropped behind enemy lines to take out AA guns and artillery that could hamper the assaults. They ended up being extremely successful in that role, and many medals were awarded. Paras were also used extensively in 'Operation Market Garden'- a failed attempt to recapture the Netherlands, ending Allied hopes to end the war in 1944.

Real paratrooper landing
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