Panzer IV Medium Tank

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Axis Unit
Panzer IV Medium Tank
Std unit axis panzer idle.gif
75 mm main gun, MG34
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp
1000 1 0-100
Morale Speed Priority
N/A 10 px/s N/A
A medium tank to kill infantry and blast defenses. So normal is its function, it's boring, but you should still fear it.
"Here we have a Panzer IV medium tank. It's primary role is to support infantry and to rip you a new one."
— Official game quote

The most common of all the tanks (Tiger Tank, Wespe and Flak Panzer). It is closest in resemblance to your tank and has a main 75 mm cannon and a MG34.

It's job is to pry-open your vehicles and structures with its main gun, while at the same time pinning your infantry with the MG34. If given the opportunity the panzer will turn into a Bunker Buster on you and make your day end badly.

It should be feared as it can seriously harm your infantry, but does not specialize in anything. A solid zook round will bang it up nastily.

How do I kill it?

  1. Large explosives (bazooka rounds and up) will completely destroy the tank
  2. Grenades can destroy the tank with a perfect hit.
  3. Or mines and TNT will work too.

Real Life

The Panzer IV, perhaps the best of the German WW2 tanks, was originally introduced into Africa with a short-barrelled howitzer (the one seen in the game, which is the Type "E") for anti-infantry and anti-fortification purposes. It was usually given spaced armor skirts later on, which were intended to protect against AT rifles. The skirts gave 5mm of added protection to the insufficiently thick hull sides, and 8mm to the sides and rear of the turret. It was originally made for infantry support , while the Panzer III was intended to be used for knocking out tanks. When the Panzer III became obsolete in the tank-killing role, the Panzer IV stepped up, got a high velocity AT gun, and was refitted for busting up enemy armor.

The Panzer IV did not get much attention; most of this was directed to the Tigers and Panthers. The Panzer IV, however, was easier to produce. In terms of engaging enemy tanks, it was roughly equal to the M4 Sherman and the T-34.

Overall, the Panzer IV was a good tank, but the Germans were obsessed with pushing forward in terms of tank technology and made the Panther their standard tank. However, even if it remained the standard tank, it would have still been outclassed as the design started to reach its limits. The Panzer IV was the first of the Panzer tanks to be able to go up against the Allies' Shermans and Russian T-34s. The Panzer I had double MG's, the Panzer II had a 20mm gun, and the Panzer III had a 37mm or 50mm gun.

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