Panzer Company Blitz Wave

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Panzergrenadier Company Blitz Wave
1 panzer IV tank and several panzergrenadiers.
A good, solid blitz that can kill you pretty easy.
Panzergrenadier Company Blitz.png

A wave of pretty-angry german panzergrenadiers and one Panzer IV, en route to assist their comrades in screwing up your trenches with grenades and bunkers with the tank.

This blitz wave is moderately dangerous, depending when it arrives. In early game, it will likely kill you. In late game, it's pretty much normal wave with a tank. It is best to kill the tank fast and then concentrate on the charging panzergrenadiers. It is good idea to make sure your men are not alligned with panzergrenadiers, because their grenades can only fly in a vertical line. If you have a heavy AT-setup, this blitz is no problem.

How do I kill it?

First, you need at least one zook or preferably Sherman or M3 AT Gun, a gunner to mow down the panzergrenadiers and a brave frenchie who is willing to sacrifice himself to distract the deadly MG fire of the Panzer IV. Take out the tank and the rest will be very easy to handle. If you happen to have a bunker with a gunner and frenchie in it, your chances of survival will be a lot higher and the Panzer IV tank will aim at your bunker/meatshield while your anti-tank units will be able to destroy the Panzer IV tank.

If you don't have any anti-tank, try to send your engineer to the front and lay some mines or a TNT under the Panzer IV and it will most likely die. This strategy is only recommended if your troops are on the top of the map. If you are in the middle or the bottom of the map, your engineer will probably die. Artillery can also be effective way to destroy this blitz wave.

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