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Ico semiprotected.gif
Axis Unit
Std unit axis pak38 idle.gif
2 crew
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp
500 1-10 20
Morale Speed Priority
N/A 8 px/s N/A
The German version of the M3 AT Gun, but with a faster firing rate.
See also: M3 AT Gun.
"This is a PAK38. Very good 50mm AT gun that can do little miracles on infantry as well."
— Official game quote

The PAK-38 is feared by many, as it has the power of an M3 AT gun with a quicker firing rate. It will shoot when it stops about 1/3 at the top of the screen. A grenade will damage it and possibly kill the gunner, but a rocket or larger will completely destroy it.

The PAK is a notorious Bunker Buster, so watch your back. Sometimes it can be deadly accurate on it's first shot, so don't bunch your men together. It may hurt friends or foes (depending on who is closer by).

How to kill it?

  1. The crew can be shot off, explosives work little wonders on it to. It can be destroyed by a few .50 caliber rounds as well, but it is hard to do and would be pushing the envelope. Gunners can also destroy it if they fire enough, although the crew is usually long dead by then.
  2. An experienced SpecOps with a BAR will do the honor of killing it.
  3. Mortars are surprisingly good at taking these out, just make sure they've got a fair deal of exp. It is best not to rely on a tank to destroy it as the PAK-38 has a small hit box.
  4. Bazookas will also take it out.
  5. The HT gun boat does a decent job of shredding it into scrap metal.

Fun Facts

  • The PAK-38 may not create wreckage when blown to bits.
  • The PAK-38 is a 50mm gun.
  • The PAK-38 was famous for its low silhouette which made it hard to hit.
  • A common strategy is to tell a medic or a scout to run very close to the PAK-38, and then to pray that it destroys itself.
  • The 50mm shells would really just bounce off the Sherman's hull most of the time, but it kills it in one shot in the game.

Real Life

The PAK 38 (Panzerabwehrkanone 38) was a 50mm anti-tank gun that became the successor to the PAK 36 and was in turn followed by the PAK 40. It fired Panzergranate 40 APCR rounds and was in service until the end of the war. Its service diminished towards the end of the war due to the new PAK 40 and PAK 43. Its chassis was also used on the PAK 97/38 and the PAK 50.

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