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Allied Unit
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No specialty icon
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Starting equipment:
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
100 10-35 5 30-100 12px/s
Enables several command options; boosts nearby units' reaction time; his death takes a heavy toll on troop morale. The officer has limited offensive abilities but he can raise the fire rate of your nearby troops, use morale boost and concentrate fire. After some Ranger Trainings, officers will actually become decent killers, but their pistols are not good for ranged killing.

The Officer is arguably one of the most important units in your struggle for survival as he allows you to access many command options and, with a signaler, allows you to call outside support.

These officers are most likely to be from a military program such as the ROTC, due to their low field experience.

Officers cost 3 TP, but with the West Point Commendation Ribbon, you get one free at the beginning of every game. Officers are not meant for killing at the beginning of a fight, as they usually come with poor rifle skill.

Many players prefer to Heroism their officer at the start of the game, and send him out for CQC. Officers are excellent CQC killers, because they usually start with fantastic morale. Give him a bayonet to increase his CQC killing abilites.

The officer moves slightly faster than the average soldier and only ranks up every 25 exp. All officers start with 5 exp and cannot be given a different weapon, although they can be equipped with grenades and bayonets.

An officer can be brought up to 50 exp without killing a thing or costing TP if you have Sarge, who can babysit officers up to that limit.

The Officer has been known to come with very decent rifle skill at times and even without high rifle skill he may pin down units and often kill at short ranges. It is known that officers generally increase morale and performance of surrounding units in his 'aura' and the effect and aura range increases with rank.

Random Aid

Keep in mind ALL random aid increases with rank. That is, higher experienced officers will tend to do these special commands more often. In case he is placed in a pillbox, he will not help you until leaving the structure again.

  • If you are under 10 TP, the officer will occasionally add one tactical point to your total.
  • If you are over 10 TP, he will instead give your soldiers some morale.
  • Officers can also remove one flanking German— a Nazi that got through your defense and passed your line. This can happen at any time.

Officers also shout quotes at random and will pose while they're doing this (annoying if you're trying to get them into a bunker to survive an Arty Blitz).

Fun Facts

  • Officers, appearance-wise, are virtually identical to Crewman, except that Officers have backpacks.
  • Even if the player is a Second Lieutenant, he will be able to boss around a Lt. Colonel Officer.
  • Officers will repeatedly scream at troops to fight and get in the game.
  • When officers lift their arm to shoot, you see a white stripe on their helmet.
  • He can get exp from Sarge that can go up to 50.
  • An injured officer being healed by a medic will not produce the telltale red cross produced by other soldiers when medics restore their health, and the only way to check if they are being healed is to check their stats.

Real Life

In WWII, officers that went in to battle, or near the battle, had rifles.

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