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*2 or more [[wespe]]s
*2 or more [[wespe]]s.
*2 or more [[Tiger Tank|tigers]]
*2 or more [[Tiger Tank|tigers]].
*2 or more mobile artillery pieces  
*2 or more mobile artillery pieces.
*At least 10 special troops.  
*At least 10 special troops.  

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Your imagination.
A fictional blitz. That's right, you got duped.

This slang term refers to either a fictional blitz wave, or a mass of unbeatable enemies, the latter not being fictional. To be considered a OMGWTFBBQ wave, it must have the following:

  • 2 or more mobile artillery pieces.
  • At least 10 special troops.

OMGWTFBBQ waves rarely happen before wave 130.

Only way to destroy it effectively is to luckily have a pillbox, 20 TP and a signaler. Then call Naval Artillery and go for a popcorn because pure @#!*% will break loose!

On the side is a pic of a fictional OMGWTFBBQ blitz wave made by British. If you have ever survived an OMGWTFBBQ wave, well done!

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