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This page talks about common gameplay usage. For an administrative rank in this wiki, please see Mud and Blood official Wiki:NCO.

In MnB2, a non-commossioned officer (NCO) is a unit with a rank of Sergeant (30 exp) or higher. An NCO has the capacity of issuing simple combat orders in the absence of an Officer, these being Hold Fire and Sabotage.

NCOs are also required for obtaining the Legion d' Honneur and Westpoint Commendation ribbons, although they will require you to get your units to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant (90 exp).

NCO Ranks

  • Rank4.gif (30-39 exp) — Sergeant
  • Rank5.gif (40-49 exp) — Staff Sergeant
  • Rank6.gif (50-59 exp) — Sergeant 1st Class
  • Rank7.gif (60-89 exp) — Master Sergeant
  • Rank8.gif (90+ exp) — 2nd Lieutenant

Real Life

The non-commissioned officer corps is often referred to as "the backbone" of the armed services, as they are the primary and most visible leaders for most military personnel. Additionally, they are the leaders primarily responsible for executing a military organization's mission and for training military personnel so they are prepared to execute their missions. NCO training and education typically includes leadership and management as well as service-specific and combat training. Senior NCOs are considered the primary link between enlisted personnel and the commissioned officers in a military organization. Their advice and guidance is particularly important for junior officers, who begin their careers in a position of authority but generally lack practical experience.

It is also notable that in the United States Army, rank of Corporal is considered as Junior NCO, but is to be shown the same respect as to other NCO's.

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