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Editor level required: Beginner

Hello there!

I'm assuming that if you are reading this, you are a new editor, hence the name. I, the writer of this article, am an officer in the wiki, and have a decent sense of the past and current situation in the wiki.

But, that's enough about me personally. This guide is not to actually teach you how to edit, which is thoroughly explained here. This guide is more like a tour through the Mud and Blood official Wiki, explaining the pages and some important stuff you might want to know.

First and foremost, you need to create an account to be able to actually edit the wiki, rather than just read its articles. Once you have this done, you have entered the bustling and brutal universe that is Mud and Blood. If you are lost initially, seeing a flood of pages but nowhere to edit, you can go to the Maintenance Portal to find jobs to do. Make sure that you have read the rules before editing pages, so that you do not start off with a warning.

In the wiki, there are over 1,100 pages, which might seem a bit overwhelming, but there are some important pages you must know. They are:

Of course, there are many more, but these are the top 5. If you are wondering why I put the random button up there, that is because it is the single most effective way for "minor editors" to get in edits. That button will allow you to jump to any content page and let you fix grammatical errors and the like.

Now, there are different protection levels for each page. Most are not protected, meaning anybody can edit. Some pages are semi-protected, meaning that you must reach something like 10 edits and 4 days here before you can edit them. A very few are fully-protected, meaning only the moderators can edit them, so you shouldn't worry about those pages.

In the immediate wiki situation, we have most of the pages for actual objects in the game, so a hot topic right now is adding strategies. To create a strategy, you should follow the rules of this page on the MnB HQ. Copying a strategy to the wiki is simple, but you will need an NCO or Officer to help you. These guys can upload your images and can help you with adding color. Also it is advised you use the strategy template before working on a quick strategy.

Every now and then, an editor comes up to me and asks about some large new changes. Note that this is perfectly acceptable. You can go up to wiki mods and ask them about making big changes to the wiki. Or, you could undertake them yourself, but be careful not to dig in over your head or act on a controversial issue without consent. We've had entire re-formations of the wiki started by normal editors, so wiki mods aren't the only ones who can cause change.

Now, if you come back to this guide after getting some experience under your belt, you may want to become an NCO or Officer. Becoming an NCO takes a good deal of experience and is explained more thoroughly here. Becoming an officer most likely requires NCO status already, much more experience, and proven initiative when it comes to anti-vandalism, the chief job of an officer.

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