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Rifle Grenade or Spec Ops or Panzerschrek or Land Mattress
Applied when:A unit or item is considered too powerful, or has an unintentional aspect that makes it unfair.
EffectsWeakens over-powerful units, to balance the game.
Description"Nerfing" is the common term used for changes to a unit or weapon in Mud and Blood that make the object weaker than previously. Most times, this is done to counter balance issues, not just to ruin your day. While it may seem that only our guys are nerfed, enemies are too!

Here are some nerfed Units and Weapons:

In older versions of the game, these units were much more powerful

  • Panzerschreck: Used to be able to hit anything of yours on the battlefield.
  • Rifle Grenades: Instances of 3-5 RG's at a time were fired in rapid succession.
  • Land Mattresses: You could just buy 2 SpecOps and a land mattress and hold a 150-wave game!
  • Tigers: Used to be the commander's worst nightmare.
  • SpecOps: Could rapid-fire a Springfield and spam up to 6 grenades at a time.
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