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Ico semiprotected.gif
Axis Unit
Std unit axis nebelwerfer idle.gif
2 crewmen
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp
200 10 1-50
Morale Speed Priority
N/A 8 px/s ?
A 6-barreled rocket launcher operated by 2 crew used to pound defenses with AT gun sized shells. Slow to reload, luckily.
"This bad boy is a Nebelwerfer, a 6 barrelled rocket launcher. It can deliver a considerable punch into your defenses but takes forever to reload."
— Official game quote

The Nebelwerfer (more commonly called Nebel) can wreak mass havoc and commotion on your lines with its 6 rockets. Like a Land Mattress, but German, mobile and sometimes arrives on the battlefield in packs. Slow to reload and aim, which means you have enough time to kill one with an AT unit or weapon before it fires. Miss, and it will unleash chaos, and you will be sorry because it is also a Bunker Buster. The Nebelwerfer is a key component of a mobile artillery blitz.

You really want to disable it fast, don't take chances.

How do I kill it?

  1. Large explosives (bazooka rockets and up) can completely destroy the vehicle.
  2. Grenades can destroy the vehicle or kill the crew on it.
  3. .50 caliber fire can destroy it.
  4. Normal bullets (preferably automatic fire) can kill the crew and render the vehicle unusable.

Real Life

A 21cm Nebelwerfer readying to fire.
The main task of the Nebelwerfer (translated: fogthrower) was not to throw fog/smoke rounds (although they were able to do so). The name was chosen as a part of a counterintelligence strategy to disguise the rearmament of the Wehrmacht. They were often referred to by the Americans as "Screaming Mimis" for the high pitched sound they made when fired. This game features probably the 15 cm Nebelwerfer 41. German Nebelwerfer variants can be mounted on SdKfzs, where they have not six but ten launching tubes. They were used in Normandy, let's hope that urb doesn't get any ideas... Another variant of the Nebel was also used for engaging aircraft.

Because the number of artillery in the German army was limited by the Treaty of Versailles and the amount of rocket launchers was not (because this type of weapon was new), Germany focused research on this new system. The Wehrmacht therefore had better rocket launchers at the beginning of WWII than Soviet Union and the allies, while lacking competitive artillery and mortars.

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