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Yes, this page is being made to acknowledge some of the N00B guides, total guides rather than statements explaining hilarious strategies and how they fail, if it isn't obvious


A Quick Note

These strategies are meant to be funny, not offensive to anybody for any reason. The area will be moderated for inappropriate content and action will be taken. Add funny strategies, and, if you're an NCO or Officer, upload pics to go with them as well.


Finally, some strats!

L'armee Resistante

L'armee Resistante

Step 1

Part 1

Step 2

Part 2

Step 3

Part 3

French for "Resistance Army", that's what this is. A tactic actually used by some commanders, it involves retreating all men except Frenchies. It is also sometimes referred to as the "mosh pit" strategy.

The steps are pretty straightforward:

  1. Start on Proper Planning or Close Protection
  2. Retreat all men except officer
  3. Buy as many Frenchies as possible
  4. Hold out

Yes, I showed the guy's name because it made me lol. Parmesan.

If you, by some magical means, make it to the 100 man limit and still have TP, try arming your men with shotguns and hand grenades.

"Why Won't you shoot?!!"

The annoying and frustrating strategy of keeping men out of range. This will work if you give all your men shotguns or something and buy guys like officers or crew members to help.

"Sniper Party"

  1. Start in close protection mode.
  2. Get snipers and ONLY snipers. (Unless you want to get an officer so you can concentrate fire or an engineer to make a bunker)
  3. See how far you get, if this happens to you, then your squad is f*cked.

"The Tree Great Frenchies"

  1. Start with whichever deployment option you want
  2. Buy 3 Frenchies
  3. Then buy a shotgun for each one
  4. Move them to the top of the map
  5. Buy bayonets and see where you go

Bunker Variant

To make this strategy more annoying, add a bunker to the mix and place your men inside it.

Cam-Net Variant

Only mortars.............and an engineer,.................and a lot of cam-nets. Retreat your engineer after you've built three cam-nets and place your mortars in them. You. Will. Die!

Captain America

Start in close protection mode, and get a sarge. Keep leveling him up and buying him weapons with TP. If he loses a lot of health, just use heroism. He should look something like this(Yes, I know I made a mistake when buying those rifle grenades, but he looks cooler with them anyways). This sarge will now be your captain america, a one-man army. You can get an officer to concentrate fire and spread out four frenchies so that they might spot infiltrators. Make sure that your captain america does not die, as most of the frenchies will run off thanks to the morale loss. See how far you can get with this strategy, and good luck.

Lone Wolf Mode

Have 1 unit, only 1 unit. He can fight off the Germans alone.

Lone Sarge Mode

If you have one unit, why not it be... Sarge?!? It's a true challenge!

Lone Frenchie Mode

This MIGHT get you the L├ęgion d'honneur medal (note I said might) and this will definitely be hard. But just give him a BAR and a lot of grenades and WATCH THE EPICNESS!!!!!!!!

Lone Tank Mode

Trust me this is going to be hard because I have tried it and especially because the 50 gunner for it doesn't fire very much. It's a true challenge!

Ditching HQ

Tactical Withdraw ALL your men. You're not sacrificing hundreds of lives waiting for HQ to "relocate".

Artillery army

In a final stand deploy only land mattresses.


Deploy a field HQ, Bunker, camnet, and 4 trenches before advancing to the next battle field.


Only keep bazookas or AT guns out on the field. You'd be surprised how quickly you'll fail.

Your own Arty Blitz!

Keep a minimum of six troops on the field, counting a signaller. Make sure he recovers all the crates and gets the exp, and by wave 35-40, call in Naval Artillery each time you get 10+ TP and see how long you can survive!

Flamer Spam

Start with 20 TP from Proper Planning and buy only flamers from there. Used especially on maps with a lot of trees. This'll get you that BBQ Ribbon!


Build a pallisade wall stretching from side to side on the lower half so your men won't get shot or blown up, and place all your troops directly behind it, without using Sarge or Frenchies, or equipping your men with bayonets or shotguns.

Grenade Fodder

Have your engineer place trenches throughout the whole lower half of the battlefield, and keep your men there for the remainder of the battle.

Kamikaze Frenchies

Keep a huge wall of Frenchies at the top of the map, preferably armed with shotguns and bayonets. Then, after an enormous amount of Germans are fighting your Frenchies, call in artillery.

The Long Drive Home

Your men get fed with fighting this stupid war and decide to bring the fight to Hitler himself. Constant, non-stop advancement forward in an attempt to find Hitler and give him the fight of his life. Preferably use Close Protection and jeeps, scouts, SpecOps, or other fast units to charge through the fields.


Open up three or more tabs of Mud and Blood 2 (preferably using whatever site you have the best MnB profile on) while never muting any of them or pausing once and trying to get to wave 100 on each (this isn't as noobish as it is hard). Chaos!

Medic Diversion

Buy only medics and use them to make the Germans friendly fire.

Pistols Rule!

The Allies have run out of guns and only have pistols left. So you only use pistol units and try to survive as long as you can.

Other Variants

Shotguns Rule!

Use soldiers that can change weapons. Give them all shotguns then hold out.

Gibs, Gibs everywhere

Simple; give low-skilled troops grenades! OPTIONAL: Rifle grenades as well!!! See if the troops somehow survive long enough and become proficient at Grenading!


Tactical withdraw ALL the soldiers, get Engineers, and place mines EVERYWHERE!!! Their Grease guns should let them live long enough until they can lay the mines. Next, let's watch the Germans blow up!!!

The Greatest Bayonetter That Ever Lived

Get any unit, get a bayonet on him, and order him to go around stabbing everyone! Effective vs Volkssturm too!

How to get rid of unneeded units without Tactical Withdraw

Charge them to tanks, Panzergrenadiers, Volkssturms, (only if blitz), with a bayonet! Tactical Withdraw only has 25% chance, which is unreliable. This tactic allows your unneeded man to be gotten rid of, while at the same time taking a few of the Germans with him!

Super Frenchie

This is very straight forward. ONLY 4 simple steps.

1. Use proper planning with 20 TP. 2. Call in a Frenchy. 3. Give a BAR, then Ranger Training, then BAR, to Frenchie. (Yes, in that exact order. Repeat for whole game.) 4. Heal with heroism if damaged... Although I'm not sure whether he will survive.

Other variations

I want some honor too!

You are ticked off at your Frenchie taking all the glory so you decide to summon a Siggy and an officer. You move your Frenchie to the top of the map... And then call CAS. If it doesn't gib him, call bomb drops until he does. Then hold out.

Angry Frenchie

Your Frenchie is lonely killing Frenchie's by himself, so you give him a Frenchie companion. Next thing you know, Artillery Blitz destroys his newfound companion... WITH a gib plus other artillery pieces damaging his handsome face (He's ugly :D) He's furious and grabs the M1 Garand, some nades and a RG. See how long he holds.

In need of a dentist

Your Frenchie's tooth drops after being shot in the gut. (Due to large hitbox and bad reflexes, so bad he sees bullets traveling in lightspeed... When in bullet-time.) How did it happen, you say? Well, he slipped and the tooth came out. Now he's bleeding all over the floor and the Germans are complaining they don't want bloodstains on their Opels and Panzer VIs. So you hire a janitor (basically a 1 moral Frenchie) and a medic.

I hate this gun!

Your Frenchie wants a new gun so you hand him a shotgun and order him to go to the top of the map, but don't advance. But everytime he does, he advances. So you just keep him at the bottom, with his shiny new shotgun, and see how he holds out.

Switchee Ditchee

Get a halftruck, and keep on switching upgrades every time you have enough TP.

Boobytrapped Bunker

Get an engineer and send him to the middle or top of the screen build a bunker and a few things around it and put a booby-trapped TNT or 2 in it. Then when an enemy captures it if its a pioneer it'll blow it up and if it is not click it. If it is multiple enemy units then WATCH THE FIREWORKS!!! Strategy by EpicStrategyIdeaMan.


Place lots of TNT all over the map, the more the merrier. Then when a blitz wave or something comes BLOW IT ALL UP AND WATCH THE CARNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(also useful for getting rid of Tiger tanks) Strategy by EpicStrategyIdeaMan.

The Art of Sharp and Pointy Things

Buy an engineer then spam barbed wires all over the map except for the bottom and then hold out. Strategy by EpicStrategyIdeaMan.

Invincible Mortars

I got this idea from the CQC strategy. Buy 6 mortars and a scout. Then buy an engineer and place a camnet for the scout. Then buy a Palisade wall stretching from side to side on the lower 1/4 of the map. Then hold out. Strategy Idea from CQC Strategy and this strategy by EpicStrategyIdeaMan.

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