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Yup, the test to see if you can be promoted. Here are hints and tips to see if you have what it takes to be an NCO or officer in the Wiki. Made by Riderx, not the wiki admin.


The Initial Preparation

  • Make sure you know your stuff and can respond to a question if asked.
  • Make sure to have all things in compliance with the promotion rules and tips.
  • Try hard, do good work here and there.

The Score Sheet

Not an official test, but more like a gauge to see if you're ready.

Point Value
How many contributions have you made in the wiki? Give 1 point per 25 major edits, maximum 20
How long have you been a member of the wiki? Give 1 point per 5 days here, maximum 10
How many pages have you created? Give 3 points per major page, i.e. not redirects, maximum 30
Have you passed wave 100? Give 5 points if yes
Do you have a current NCO or officer supporting you? Give 5 points per NCO, 10 per officer
Are you familiar with advanced editing features? Give 2 points per function
Have you/are you fathering a page, i.e. updating/editing a major page like Noob in MNB Give 2 points per page, maximum 10
Are you familiar with who Urb is? Give 1 point if yes, subtract 20 if no
Are you active in the forums? Give 1 point per 35 posts, maximum 10
Are you Autoconfirmed? Subtract 50 points if no
Have you helped with vandalism? Give 1 point for each page restored and 5 point base
Are you a good minor editor? Give 1 point per 75 minor edits, maximum 20

Scores to NCO!

  • (-70-0)-No Way! You don't have the stuff!
  • (1-15)-No, you need more experience
  • (16-35)-Your chances are slim, but alive
  • (36-50)-Yes, this is the range in which you should be applying
  • (51-70)-You are in very good standing, get a supporter NOW
  • (71-110+)-You are almost guaranteed to get the promo to NCO (if you aren't one already!)

Scores to Trusted User!

  • (-70-0) No Way!
  • (1-30) Too Low on the experience scale
  • (31-50) This is the ideal range to be applying
  • (51+) You are more than qualified.


There cannot be infinitely many NCOs. There will be a cutoff point, and ask Urb where it is. You cannot always rely on this, first come first served


Starting from now on, all competitions for NCO or Officer position will involve a poll run by an official of higher status to decide the winner. This is how the elections work:

  • Moderator vote: Each moderator vote is .75 of a vote (may be changed). This is comprised of both wiki and forum moderators, to a total possible number of 13 people, or 9.75 votes.
  • Popular vote: Held in the "War Room" and bumped periodically, each vote here is .25 of a vote (may be changed). This is comprised of anybody who votes on the forum poll, including moderators
  • Length? Each vote will be held for 2 weeks or until a clear winner is winning by a 66% margin after 10 votes
  • Tie? If a tie happens, a tiebreaker will be held between the winning candidates. In the event of another tie, wiki admins and officers make the final call.
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