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This page talks about an administrative rank in this Wiki. For the common gameplay usage, please see Officer instead.

Wiki Officers are users which have been granted a moderator status with higher administrative rights and responsibilities than those of a Wiki NCO. They are the liaisons tasked with coordinating the activities defined by the Admins with the NCOs and the active user base, overseeing day to day affairs, keeping the order, resolving disputes, identifying user needs and returning feedback and insight to the administration.

They enjoy certain privileges, in addition to those of an NCO:

  • Blocking (banning) users, their IPs and e-mails.
  • Assigning Trusted users.
  • Un/deleting articles and browsing previous deletions.
  • Moving (renaming) articles and files.
  • Applying and removing protection tags from article source codes.
  • Editing other user's pages.
  • Obtaining pie discounts at McDonald's.

Click here for the current list of Officers

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