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Mud and Blood Community
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The Mud and Blood community site and discussion boards offer the latest patches, news, exclusive content, forum discussions, and all sorts of goodies to the fans of the series in an advertisement-free area - something rare in and of itself.

In the past, a Mud and Blood player would either hang out at (now replaced by and or the forums. In an effort to get the community together and to facilitate the emancipation of brutality, a portal was to be made. Everything that we like so much about Mud and Blood (free gaming, constant updating, elusive rumors, and a flock of frustrated commanders) can now be found at a unique place.

The community portal for Mud and Blood can be accessed here.

While this wiki remains the central location for facts and verifiable information on the game, our forums are a great place for the latest discussion, bleeding-edge revelations, opinions, and mindless banter.

A preview of the discussion forums

The forums require that you have an e-mail address to create an account and post, although viewing is free and open to everyone.

In addition, big fans of urb games in general (not limited to the Mud and Blood series) can head over to for updates and downloads of urb's other games. Although the forums there are not nearly as active as on, the hardcore urb fans don't shy away from speaking there.

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